Girl,You are so much more than enough!


My little girl brought home some berries from her walk today. I washed them up for her and decided to 'fancy' them up for her with some apple juice, sparkling water and some ice cubes. I served it in one of my chunky glass tumblers to boot! 

Oh the joy in her eyes when i handed her the glass. And the appreciation. I felt at that moment that I would never serve her fruits plain again.

Then my mind went to what Jesus said about how our childlikeness towards God's kingdom is the key to receiving it. 

When was the last time I truly stopped in wonder to appreciate the special little things strewn my way everyday?

When was the last time I was so appreciative of His daily gifts that I have left Him feeling like a happy parent?

It's worth pondering over this with a pen and gratitude journal to record it all. 




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